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90% of customers are more likely to purchase after they’ve watched your video

YouTube has 5 billion videos watched every single day. It’s been proven time and time again that high quality videos convert harder, better, faster, and stronger. Let our YouTube Advertising Agency bring you to the front of the line with targeted video ads that connect & convert.


Reach Your Audience with a YouTube Advertising Agency

The year is 2005 and the first ever YouTube video is uploaded. Fast forward to now, in the last 30 days more video content has been uploaded than any major US Television Broadcast has released in the last 30 years. Read that again. YouTube has seen unprecedented growth since that first video upload, and now it’s being said that “YouTube is the future of marketing”. Users are watching hours of content, 500 million hours to be exact. To put this simply in one word — TRAFFIC!

When you think of your business’s potential and your traffic conversion, YouTube is a huge opportunity for your business to connect to a wider range target audience in an engaging and compelling way. Your brand awareness is built on memorability — if you cannot be remembered, you will be forgotten. Customers will remember 95% of your video message compared to a 10% retention rate via reading your message in text. If we were delivering you this message in video format, chances are you would be able to tell us the purpose of the video in a few weeks. And if that’s not enticing enough, video marketing is a cheap and effective strategy available to businesses of all sizes.

Powerful Tarketing with YouTube Advertising

A common concern for YouTube ads is that they will appear on random cute cat videos. And while those videos matter too, your target audience probably isn’t hanging out there. At 5280 we have a number of strategies that can help narrow down your audience and get your ads in front of the right faces. Our sole focus for our approach is targeting the right audience to achieve maximum return on your YouTube ads.

One of the most amazing aspects with YouTube ads is the ability to target by demographic. This means you can focus on the age, gender, parental status, or household income of the audience you wish to reach. This allows you to pinpoint the audience that historically have been your biggest revenue earners. Your business can also target your YouTube ads based on the topics a user might be interested in, and offers you the opportunity to target your ads based on what videos people are watching and its relevance to your ad.


What's Offered In Our YouTube Ad Services

Here in Denver, we offer your business a few different ways to reach your audience — just as YouTube offers different options for targeting your ads.

INSTREAM – Instream ads will pop up before a YouTube video begins. It gives you five seconds to grab the user’s attention before they’re given the option of skipping the ad. If done well, sometimes five seconds is all you need.

IN-VIDEO – In-video ads will appear while YouTube is playing and shows at the top of the recommended video list. It can catch a user’s attention without interfering with their video.

BUMPER – In contrast to the five important seconds on an instream ad, bumper ads are non-skippable ads that are only allowed to run for a maximum of six seconds. Bumper ads can really pack a punch when it comes to making an impression and increasing reach.

MASTHEAD – To maximize your reach and brand awareness, masthead ads showcase your brand on the YouTube homepage for a full 24 hours. Everyone who visits YouTube that day will then be exposed to your brand.

Build a Brand with Our YouTube Advertising Service

When clearly implemented, YouTube video advertising is a benefit to all businesses no matter their industry. Video advertising is often overlooked by businesses thinking this strategy “need not apply”. But when considering the daily visits, YouTube can really deliver results to your business.

At 5280 Design Co. we develop top performing video marketing services for your business and can help develop engaging and memorable YouTube ads to target your audience. We are the leading digital marketing agency for SEO services in Denver, and because of that, we ensure we design a strong YouTube Ad that will not only resonate with the right audience, but answer the questions that people are asking. To speak with one of our professionals about YouTube ads, give us a call today.

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