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Just as you improve your business, so does Google. Often they will implement new rules and enhance their algorithm. So it is imperative you keep up. It can often feel like big daddy is testing you — rewarding you or punishing you accordingly. As they enforce a new set of rules, they assess businesses and how well they abide. To avoid getting dropped off in a place you don’t want, contact us today and our team of experts can guide you through to stay ahead of the game.


Meta & Body Tags

Tell the search engine exactly how to file your business! One of our main areas of focus for your on-page SEO optimization is how we approach your meta and body tags. Meta and body tags are the organic search results that appear on Google after you’ve searched for something. These are the snippets of text that allude to the type of content you can expect to view on a particular page. And although this set of information does not appear on your actual website, it does tell the search engine how to file your page accordingly. The search engine checks that the tags you’ve used, and the on-page content match. Our team of experts takes the time and care to ensure these two pieces of content align. Included in your meta tags:

  • Title tags
  • Meta description
  • Qualified keywords

After mastering your meta tags, we get to work on your body tags. Body tags appear within the content of your website, and are implemented in your headings, H1. The utilization of keywords in your body tags enables the search engine to accurately understand the overall content on your website. Breaking up the text with headings can create a flow for your potential customers to retain the information with ease.

Page Speed & Mobile Friendliness

A slow loading page that is not mobile friendly can deter a potential customer! Google can and will punish your search engine ranking if your page is too slow. But your potential customer can punish you by departing your page if they cannot access your site on their mobile devices. Page speed and mobile friendliness are factors you can control.


Google-friendly URL structure

The structure of your web address matters! Yes, this can make a difference with your on-page SEO. Keeping your URL structure impactful and succinct helps the search engine AND your customers know what the webpage they are about to visit, is about. While it may be fun to have something lengthy and creative, consider your visitors first and the friendliness of your findability. Things to avoid:

  • An influx of numbers – this isn’t the DaVinci Code
  • Too much punctuation – confusing and messy
  • Jampacking keywords – that’s why you have creative content
  • Length – tempting, but you want to be remembered, don’t you?

Keyword-dense Content

Balance is key! Though there isn’t a concise formula for the amount of times you should or shouldn’t utilize your keyword, you want to make sure you use it organically. As you’re up against big daddy and his algorithm, the forceful nature of overusing your keyword can tell Google it is a bit robotic, and spammy. On the flip side, underutilizing your keyword can prevent your search engine rankings from landing on the right traffic’s desk.


Internal Linking Tactics

Market your own content! When it comes to SEO, internal linking is a tactic used to encourage your traffic to interact with your entire website. What this means is connecting another page, to a specific set of words relevant to the linked page. Similar to keyword density, use this tool in moderation. This can be a valuable way of connecting your customers to additional useful content. Best practice is 5-10 internal links per 2,000 words.

Boost Your Website with Schema & AMP

Schema — creating ease for the search engine to interpret your on-page content, using microdata. No, this method does not automatically improve your search engine rankings. It does; however, create greater visibility of your content.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) — the open source coding designed to make your website open faster on mobile devices, using less data. You directly impact your SEO and leave a positive impression on your customer when you optimize your AMP. A positive impression leads to increased engagement and improved clickability.

Our on-page SEO services at 5280 Design Co. enable you to rank at the top of the competition in your industry. Our team of SEO experts is ready to help you win TODAY! Contact us to discuss how.

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