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When it comes to online shopping, Google Shopping is often overlooked. Sometimes shoppers just want to simplify their search and find out ‘how much’ and ‘in what color’. Make it easy with Google Shopping!


Smart Shopping Campaigns

Each new generation is raised by technology, so you can guarantee that the online shopping industry is not going to peak any time soon. If anything, it’s just warming up. Online shopping is “trillion dollar” big, and it is absolutely essential that your business is built to support this growing demand. New generations have become accustomed to convenience and instant gratification. To stand out above your competition your online business needs to support quick transactions and engaging customer journeys. Often a DIY’er will come to us with a blown budget and little return, but we can help you get your products optimized without blowing your budget.

You probably have already seen ads pop up when you search from specific products. With Google Shopping Services, you are able to display the products you have for sale with Google Shopping Ads. 5280 specializes in Google Ads Shopping Management and we can help you develop a campaign that gets you on the front page.

What's Included In Our Google Shopping Service

Once we have a clear understanding of you and your business, we start the work. The main objective of our process is making you money. We utilize:

  • Google Merchant Center Setup
  • Google Ads Setup
  • Smart Target of Focused Products
  • Campaign reporting based on KPI’s
  • Dedicated account manager

Getting Started

Before we can get started, you will need a Google AdWords account and a Google Merchant Center account. The startup for both of these is free through Google, and we can also help you along the way. Link the two accounts together to enable your startup campaign.

To then have your items listed on Google Shopping, you will need to submit your data information through your Google Merchant Center. Be mindful to fill in any and all necessary information so your products show up with the right search results. The last thing you want is your home goods to show up for cosmetics.

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