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Effective Email Marketing

Utilize email marketing services to help retain, nurture, & educate your existing and future clients

The stigma of spammy emails can leave email marketing to the wayside. But when you get it right, email marketing alone can single handedly build a business. Email marketing can be persuasive, personal, and powerful. Let 5280 show you how to make the right moves.


What Is Email Marketing

To remain at the forefront of your customer’s minds, email marketing can be used to re-engage, grow your community, and create a loyal customer bond. Most communication is preferred to be digital these days, and while receiving stamped mail in a box remains an effective mode of delivery, you can increase efficiency and maintain cost effectiveness via email. Email marketing can land you in the junk mail folder, but with a strong approach, this can be a beneficial way to maintain brand awareness and customer retention.

The Challenges Of Email Marketing

The not-so-secret, secret to effective email marketing is not bombarding current or potential customers with spammy messages. Similar to our Google Ads services, professional email marketing services can help tailor your campaigns to ensure you’re engaging and providing value to your potential customers. Our professional email marketing agency clearly identifies your target market and creates effective content that keeps your customers engaged, in the loop, and interested in your products and services.


Our Own Email Marketing Software

Our email marketing software is suitable for all budgets, big or small. Our software allows you to self-manage your campaign, or you can have our team manage and develop your campaign. Our user-friendly email marketing software helps you create powerful, and visually appealing campaign designs with its strong visual editor.

Having partnered with Amazon’s SES technology, we’re able to offer rates at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Why Our Email Software Is So Great

Based on a successful business model, our email software was created and designed by professionals from a multitude of industries.

The system rectifies all pain points endured within the week-to-week tasks of operating and marketing a business.

Our passionate team and innovative product remain on the frontier of developer trends.

While email has been around for years, our email marketing packages give you a front of the line impact over your competition with the easiest user interface on the market.


Analytical Insights

At the subscriber level — who, when, and how many times your campaign was opened.

See which subscribers forwarded your email, visited your website, or shared in on a social channel.

We automatically remove invalid addresses and review which emails bounced back and could not be successfully delivered.

The built-in integration easily allows you to view site activity, sales, conversions, and ROI your campaign generated.

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