6 Sales Boosting Enhancements for Your Website: Post-COVID19

The uncertainty of COVID-19 has spread havoc to many businesses and their day-to-day operations, nationally and globally. But could it be a worst-case scenario? When evaluating this glass half full, the silver lining to the uncertainty is the opportunity to reevaluate your business and the demands of the consumer. As your business treads murky water, could you benefit from this ‘new-normal’, and if so, how?

Don’t give in to overwhelm – you absolutely can benefit.

Understandably so, your website could use some housekeeping. But while you improve your search rankings, layer in the benefit of your customers point-of-view. If you’re already making adjustments and tweaks to offset the ‘new-norm’, you will want to maximize the profitability of your website to the best of your ability. After all, your customer is living in this transition alongside you.

Improve Load Times

A slow loading page is one of the most common denominators for visitors leaving your site. Your load speed can also weigh in on how you are ranked by Google. Start here. You may think your site will just automatically adjust — wrong. Something super simple and quick you can do is utilize WordPress plugins to condense image file size.

Written Content Revamp

Fun fact, your written content is an important factor in the overall success of your site. You may feel that once your written content is set and displayed it does not need updated, or updated often. Any part of your site that produces a sale, products or services, should be simple, readable, and impactful. Being too wordy can deter the consumer.

Look for facts that can be updated, links that you can swap for something more relatable than the current, and of course keyword optimization. Don’t make the mistake of using duplicate content, this can also drastically affect your Google search results.

CTA Button Colorway

Yes – it’s that simple. You probably never thought that your CTA button color had that much effect on your website but it is the button your consumer clicks the most. And more importantly, your business’s success depends on clicking that button.

Depending on your industry and target audience, some colors work better than others. Go through a series of testing on a few choices and find the one with the highest response rate. And as an added tidbit, the color that proves most effective for your CTA can also be used for your key linking buttons.

Customer Service Tune-up

Tailoring your customer service to the demands of the new norm go hand in hand with tailoring your products or services. As more and more people are communicating digitally, phone lines are busy and emails are backlogged. Frustrated shoppers begin complaining when they have their money invested into a product or service, that they now need help with. Creating more customer service opportunities for your consumer can mitigate some of the damage of a frustrating busy signal, or an unanswered email. As orders increase and businesses reopen your customer service is now under a microscope. Consider improving your brand experience with a live chat agent.

Increased Visuals: Images and Videos

Having impactful written content is not enough anymore. Now, more than ever, your consumer is probably unable to grasp, feel, or smell your goods in person. Uploading higher quality images and thorough videos can improve their buying experience and create a definitive yes. If they are unable to accurately consider your product through a lack of photos, they will begin looking elsewhere.

Things to consider:

  • Lighting
  • Angles
  • Usage settings

Targeted Advertisement

Nearly 70% of businesses believe they will need to decrease their advertising spend in 2020. As a result of the financial impacts of COVID-19, many businesses have been forced to cut their marketing expenses as a way to cut corners. But your business is going to need traffic, or increased traffic, as many consumers begin to financially recover themselves.

Once you have dialed in on your target audience, and tweaked your website’s imagery, consider which platform is going to best suit your needs to effectively drive your audience. Google Ads is almost a reflex, but if you have an emphasis on visuals or eye-catching strategies you may find social media advertising to be the most beneficial, and cost-effective method.

The fear of struggling mid and post-pandemic has set in at this point for many businesses. Do not wait to spruce up your website, do it now. Enhance your content and create an effective plan to execute seamlessly in the recovery phase. Using these methods can create a strong bounce-back. Good luck, friends!

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