The Importance of Package Design – Your Branding Doesn’t Stop With Your Logo

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While well thought out logos play an important role in the marketing of a product, what can differentiate a great company from a bad company is often the help of a visually appealing packaging design. People, and especially customers, are visual creatures. The appeal of a striking design can weigh greatly on prospective customers.

Why is it so important?

Because of the customer’s natural visual appeal, is it important to create a package design that is compelling and engaging. Something that is aesthetically pleasing and interesting is more prone to attract increased potential customers than a product that is bland and poorly designed. A customer will return to your product through time when they’ve been able to remember it. And that means associating a brand to a certain thing – a color or even a font.

Packaging Design: Where it Begins?

A great design should be a combination of both reflecting the creativity and personality of the company, and the quality of the product. And while the package design should always be visually appealing, things to consider are the shape of the package, the materials used, and the overall functionality of the design. And one of the most important aspects to a great package design is the protection it offers to the product. Without product protection, your design means next to nothing.

How to Make the Perfect Packaging Design

Technological advances have implored the desire for instant gratification. Many research studies have shown that when it comes to packaging design, simplicity sells. People want the information in a quick and easy way. You first attracted them with your compelling and visually appealing design, but they want to see labels that clearly display concise product knowledge. You do not want people walking away to buy the competition’s product simply because the information was more accessible.

What Customers Want

In addition to simplicity, customers also put honesty and authenticity in the front of their mind. They want security in knowing that the information on the outside of the packaging is going to clearly reflect the product on the inside of the package. The design of the packaging should also display a trustworthy line of communication between the customer and the product. Ensure your package is made of the highest quality materials available. For example, if a company claims to be green and modern, then the packaging should be recyclable or reusable, and innovative.

Your brand logo plays a role in overall brand awareness, but your package design plays a role in overall customer retention. Often, the packaging is the first thing that comes to mind for a customer when they think of a product in a positive manner. There is more power in packaging when it comes to marketing.

Check out some of the best package designs on the internet for inspiration!

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