Is Not Having a Mobile Website Costing you Money?

Mobile website? There is no denying the fact that people nowadays use their smartphones and tablets to check their email, connect with friends on social media, read books, buy their favorite products, and find information on the internet. It has been estimated that over 60% of visitors that come to a website are accessing it on a mobile. But not all websites are designed to be mobile-friendly. They either do not have a menu for a mobile or the font size is too small. These drawbacks make a website outdated and not tailored to the needs of a majority of users out there. As a result your revenue greatly suffers.

How to tell if your visitors are coming from a mobile device?

It’s easy to gauge the number of people who are coming from a mobile by using an analytics tool like Google Analytics, which is totally free and very useful. You can view the exact number of mobile users who visited your website along with their demographics and behavior by using such a tool. Install it if you haven’t already done so and start measuring the performance of your website to improve it.

Does it really cost you money if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website?

Not everybody has a desktop PC or a laptop nowadays because almost anything a layman would want to do on the internet can now be achieved on a mobile device. Take the example of a housewife who has kids to look after and a number of daily chores to complete. Would she buy a laptop to check her email, shop online, or talk to her friends on Skype? No, she would rather do all these tasks on her mobile. But what if she visits a website to buy some clothes for her baby and the site is not mobile-friendly? Wouldn’t she be convinced to hit the back button and try some other website?

So, yes, if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you will lose thousands of visitors like the example above who could become your potential customers.

Do customers actually buy stuff while using their cell phone?

It’s easier to carry out a transaction than read a long article on a mobile device. Isn’t it? In the US alone, about two-third of the population uses a cell phone not just for surfing the internet but for online shopping too. Almost any popular brand you can think of now has a mobile-responsive website with a clear-cut menu and items arranged in categories so that it’s easy, fast, and straight forward to buy things online. Even in developing countries the trend of online shopping has greatly increased in recent years mainly because of the ability to shop using a mobile device and the option of easy payment through cash on delivery and similar methods.

Shopping on a mobile device is fun too. You can easily and quickly compare items and prices based on their descriptions and user reviews. Moreover, you can order food items and groceries right from the comfort of your home or on-the-go when there is no conveyance available.

So, all in all if you don’t have a responsive website, you are losing a good number of customers out there and should consider a website redesign and finally get a mobile website.

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