4 Website Boosters to Improve Your Google Rankings

After much time and effort, you’ve finally launched your new business and have been working diligently to make all the right moves. You’ve launched, hired right, waded through the internal processes, and you’re ready for that digital marketing piece. The budget is tight for your new website, and though you’ve heard about search engine optimization (SEO), paid search campaigns, and social media advertising, you have decided you could cut corners and market your website yourself. After some time, you realize your efforts haven’t been quite as effective as you wished. Your Google rankings are not where you’d like them to be.

But here’s the tea.

Digital marketing can be the most effective way to help your brand grow. Do not allow overwhelm to prevent you from taking this step. You want to stand out — as the online competition is high, and getting your name to the eyes of your target audience is vital to your success. Here are four great ways to boost your Google rankings. Relax — we got you!

User-Friendly Meta Descriptions

An impactful meta description can act as a mini ad for your website. Your meta description will appear under your page title in the search results, ensuring that it is both attractive and informative, weighs greatly on your clicks. When it comes to rankings, meta descriptions are one of the most important and visible elements to consider — even though it’s minor.

Long-Form Content 

The longer, more authentic your content is, the better. Research has found that the longer the content is, the more authentic it tends to be — making it more valuable to the Google rankings. Though your content does not need to be 1,500 words or more to be effective, shorter content tends to leave out information that may be of value to your search rank.

Consider breaking up for your content to create more depth, rather than just having one large piece of text. Target your audience with subheadings that contain strong keywords, and add bullet lists where you can. As well as consumer conscious imagery and videos that can partner with your text to create a more well-rounded, informative delivery.

Internal Links

Increase your Google perception with well-thought out internal links so your audience can navigate easily throughout your website. This is an area that can often be overdone. Looking for the right opportunities in your content to link another page of your website can make a big difference in how Google perceives your overall site. Alongside effective imagery or videos, only add links where they fit organically into the content to create flow in the user experience.

Website Speed

A slow loading website can not only deter your potential consumer, but decrease the likelihood of a great Google ranking. As a result of technological advancements, consumers gravitate toward high-speed internet, ease of use, and most importantly — speed. In terms of all the factors that contribute to search engine results, Google wants to keep people happy using its products by delivering results they want. They will not produce your website highly ranked  if it is historically known for slower load times.

Factors Within Your Control:

  • Condense multimedia file sizes
  • Find a new hosting site
  • Caching your web pages — if the data is already stored in the user’s database it can be accessed faster
  • Review your site’s plugins — out-of-date plugins can be responsible for security vulnerabilities

If you can embody your consumer, you can create convertible web pages. SEO can sound intimidating and come off as “workload heavy” but if you can carve out the time to improve and enhance your website, your Google rankings and web traffic will increase — contributing to higher conversions.

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